birthday confetti

Today i polished my nails confetti style because....

 my big brother was having a birthday.
This is a 2 step nail polish makeover.
Hope you like it.

  1. All you need is confetti nail polish
  2. Then cover you whole nail with confetti 
And that's all folks, your nails are done!


Rainy Day nails

I like painting my nails using nature. I think everyone can wear nature on their nails. I was inspired by my friend Jolly because she put little flowers on her nails. I thought why not try more of nature...trees, the sky, the sun and other little creature. This picture is of a redish  pinkish sky and it's raining...rain rain go away come back another day.


Make a Wish!!

 As an Artist I need space to dream so I can create and make all my dreams come true. I was thinking of making a wish when I created these shooting stars! The apple is my Meteor which the stars are following.